Фото ангела на воде

15:16 -- 31.08.2017

Рон и Линда Мартинез прислали этот удивительный снимок ангела, который они сделали в то время когда были в Xcaret на полуострове Yucatan.

ангел на воде

Рон и Линда Мартинез прислали этот удивительный снимок ангела, который они сделали в то время когда были в Xcaret на полуострове Yucatan. Фотография была заснята на 35mm подводную камеру. Их желание чтобы этот снимок мог увидеть весь мир.

Ron and Linda Martinez

Полная история

At an eco-archaeological/marine reserve that serves as an educational/entertainment value for vacationers of all types. It is located in a small inlet cove on the Yucatan Shoreline of the Caribbean Sea, which is now called Xcaret. Legends say hundreds of years ago the small cove was a Seaport of great importance called Pole and is a Ceremonial Site. The Xcaret reserve is located 35 miles south of the Cancun International Airport. At this small cove there is a fresh water underground river that flows into the ocean. The river is called a Cenote. Legends also say that the Mayans of Yucatan and Quintana Roo used to visit Pole. They would descend into the Cenotes and purify their body and soul in order to prepare for the journey to Cozumel, the place where they worshiped Ixchel, the goddess of fertility.When- This photograph was taken on April 26, 2005. We had no knowledge of his presence at the time the picture was taken. Not until we had the film developed did we know that there was an Angel (as we call it) photo on our roll of film.
Discovery of picture content was May 17, 2005 around 10:00pm

Why do we have this picture?
We can only express our feelings as we experience them. We feel the Angel wants us to share him with the world to help all people. To let everyone know that there is a spiritual world beyond our physical world. To help everyone have faith in God no matter what they are encountering in their lives. God loves us all and the Angels are among us to help us feel his love. Love is the most precious act we can demonstrate in our lives towards each other. There are thousands of stories regarding Angels throughout time. They are here to guide us, protect us and remind us of God’s Love. Remember Angels are God’s Love.

Why did we wait so long?
We were not sure how to go about this task that was presented in our lives. We were so awe struck and really who is going to believe us???? It became clear that we had to go forward and share this photograph with the world. But how? Will we do it right?

How was the picture taken?
The picture was taken with a 35mm disposable camera. We were recommended by the hotel tourist guides that Xcaret was a tourist destination worth going to. So we went. There were many activities to pick from. We did know that we wanted to go snorkeling. So we did. As you are snorkeling, there are many sites to see. Under-ground tunnels, mock villages, hollowed out tree trunks to replicate a primitive canoe.
We were taking turns with the camera taking pictures as we snorkeled down the river (cenote). After we came back to Oregon a month later I dropped the camera off at a 1 hour development center in a major department chain store and browsed through the store while waiting for the film to be developed.

Discovery of Picture:
My husband and I both felt we had a talk with God the day of May 17th. I with my neighbor and my husband with his brother. As we both had in depth conversations with each person regarding God and spirituality.

Earlier I had told my husband that I went to get our vacation pictures developed and had them to look at. I always wait to look at the pictures together with my husband. So we went into the office to look at the CD. I had both prints and CD made. I was still kind of new at the CD computer playground and wanted both media’s. We popped in the CD and started looking when we were about half way through, up next came the picture of the Angel as we call it. We looked at the negatives and there was the Angel again!!!!!! YES, we were definitely awe struck! We were completely surprised, blowin away – what ever term you want to use. We sat there for at least 15 minutes just looking at each other – at the computer and trying to grasp what we were looking at; an Angel!

What To Do?
Well first I took the CD to another national chain store and had them developed the one picture of the Angel. We had two 8x5 photos made. My husband Ron then got a copyright on the photo. Then we showed it to Ron’s brother and to the pastor of his church and to the neighbor, I had my conversation with. Just to see what kind of a response we would get. All three of them were awe inspired. We showed a few more friends. Only 2 out of 20 dismissed it. Then we decided to go to a photography shop and see what they had to say. We looked in the yellow pages and randomly picked Advanced Photo (which happed to be in a town 35 miles away). We wanted to see and hear what a professional would have to say. Well it turns out the owner of the shop had a special interest in historical biblical sites and had gone around the world to photograph these sites. He told us that he needed to see the negative to decipher if it was a water spot or flash of light or any other logical answer. But by looking at the picture and seeing the CD layout, he felt that it was legitimate. We came back a month or so later, no pre-appointment, just called to find out if the owner would be there that day. When we arrived with our negative, there happen to be a Cannon Representative at his store installing a brand new computerized developer printer.

The owner’s verified that the negative was real. The Cannon Representative, who has been in the business for 20 years verdict was that it, is real. The college students that worked in the store, who were getting masters in the industry felt it was real also.

Tried contacting Time Life, National Graphic, Oprah and Art Galleries. But most were prescheduled so far in advance with their articles and seem not interested (our thoughts were it is hard for people to phantom an Angel of this magnitude without the photo right in front of you). We are new at all of this and on a learning curve regarding submitting to large corporations. So, we came to the conclusion, of making our own web site. Now that we have a website, we are in the process of submitting a photo to each of these corporations.

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