The Voice of Healing – December 1951

08:40 -- 25.09.2015
The Voice of Healing – December 1951

Miracle baby

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In the September, 1950, issrue of THE VOlCE OF HEALING' we published the testimony of Mrs. W.T. Keeling, declaring she was healed of tumors, which passed from her body after Bro. Gordon Lindsay prayed for her. A year later: she submits the following testimony which we quote in part:

“...After having a Caesarean birth 14 years ago and 2 major operations, and being af flicted with tumors, I was told by 3 doctors that it would be impossible for me to have a child. A week after – Bro. Lindsay prayed for me at the Life Tabernacle in Shreveport, I passed the tumors. This healing was in May, 1950, and on April 23, 1951 a baby arrived which God had promised me in a vision 3 years ago. The baby was perfect, and now Billie Ruth is a healthy specimen of a God given child. Even the pints of blood which the doctor had said would be necessary for transfusions were returned to the blood bank unused. My condition was so good, my doctor told me he hoped the next child was a boy! And I was the one who could not have any children! With God, there are no impossibilities...

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