Иисус чудом умножил пищу. Вместо 6 стало 13 пакетов! ВИДЕО

Есть интересное видеосвидетельство об умножении пищи, как это было у Иисуса.  Опубликовано на веб-портале imbf.org


Jesus miraculously multiplied the food.

There’s an interesting testimony of multiplication of food similar to what happened in Jesus’ ministry. We did a project of helping needy elderly people from the Father’s Blessing center. We gave each of them a gift of a big bag of groceries. Each bag had more than 10 kg of a variety of groceries. 195 bags of groceries were given out during the project and at the end we had about 6 bags left. They were stored in a private apartment that was locked and with no access for outsiders. Since all the elderly people from the Father’s Blessing center had received their gifts we decided to give what was left as a blessing to the elderly from the Society of handicapped. We phoned the director of the Society and let him know that we have 6 bags of gifts that we would like to donate to them. They were very glad to hear that and we agreed to bring them the bags next morning. Before that we had counted the bags a few times so we were sure that we have only 6 bags to give. In the morning as we came to get the bags of groceries we discovered that there were now 13 of them. 7 bags were added supernaturally. All the 13 bags had exactly the same set of groceries. We couldn’t find any differences. Originally we had been planning to use a small car to deliver the bags but after we saw that the Lord multiplied them we had to call for a van to fit all of the bags. It was a miracle of multiplication! First the Lord had given a seed to sow and then multiplied that seed. Glory to our Lord! The Lord hasn’t changed! Amen!