Prophecy about Ukraine - Dmitry Leo

12:00 -- 01.01.2018

Ukraine is before the Lord's eyes. Angels of the Lord, by the prayers of the saints are coming in large numbers into the territory of Ukraine. The war in Ukraine will end in the different way than many people think. There will be an "event" that will turn the course of history and put the end to the war. The end of the war will be very fast and unexpected for everyone. It will happen very soon.

Ukrainian people will build a new country. A lot of refugees will returne to Ukraine quickly. People from many countries will be moving to Ukraine for permanent residence.

This country will not be like other countries, Ukraine is unique in its kind, and other countries will look to Ukraine and bring it up as an example.

Despite all the destruction, Ukraine is rising rapidly. Restoration in Ukraine will be so fast that there will be done much more for one year than it was done for ten years.

Ukraine will become a strong exporter of not only food and goods, but also of technologies for the world. Technologies which are not in the world yet will appear in the Ukraine.

God gives mercy and grace to Ukraine.

June 29, 2014.
The prophecy of the God's man, Dmitry Leo

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