Awakening at the Center of the Father's Blessing - second year

12:00 -- 22.12.2014

Two years have passed since that moment when we had a spiritual breakthrough and change in our ministry in the spiritual center ‘Father’s Blessing”. During that time we experienced many wonderful ministries, saw many wonders and learned new things. We visited other places , countries and other churches, we had conferences and schools of miracles. We were blessed to see how the Lord stretched out His hand and performed miracles and wonders through the name of His Son Jesus Christ. For the last two years I saw much more miracles than for twenty years of my Christian life. Hallelujah!

Many people ask me what I learned for these two years, or what lessons I got during this period, what things I can tell others. Below I will briefly share with you what is in my heart about what was, what is and what will be.

God reveals us His Word by the Holy Spirit

In my opinion, one of the main problems in the church of our days is the lack of knowledge of the God\’s Word and unbelief to God\’s Word. I found all Christians read one Bible bur everyone has his own understanding, his interpretation and application, and as a result has his own problems. Many Christians study Bible ‘academic”, not ‘spiritual.’ I am convinced only the Holy Spirit can open the Scriptures, such as it is. If we ignore the Holy Spirit in understanding of the Bible, we interpret and apply it wrong, and then we will not stop the problems. I believe if we renew our relationship with the Holy Spirit and begin to learn from Him, then changes will come into our lives.

If there are more sick people - it\’s time to change something

During two years we worked with people and, unfortunately, the health of Christians in churches becomes worst and worst every day. When you ask who needs healing, you can see at least 70-80 percent of the hands. Then, when you talk with people personally, it turns out that the remaining 20-30 percent is also sick, just hide it. Basically these people are pastors and leaders who don’t want say about their sickness . For obvious reasons, they do not want others to know that they are sick. I realized that if we do not change anything in this area, we will have more problems. I think many people need to review their doctrines and teachings about healing, new creation, power, faith, and free themselves from all the devil.

When God\’s Son comes will He find faith in the earth?

I often talk to people who are sick, but I see their faith to be healed becomes less and less. I talk about healing the sick, and they tell me about new tablets and jars which help them. Sometimes I offered to pray for healing, but I heard the answer, the doctor found the cause of health problems, and attributed to take a supplement. They began to drink this daily supplement, the problem does not bother them anymore, so they do not need healing. It is better than to be ill, but you will need to take a supplement to the end of life, and you have to pay for it. I think we have to stand up for each other, encourage each other not to give up, to continue to believe, continue to move towards a better solution to our problems. Let\’s help each other not with cans, but with living faith, the Word of God and prayer.

Create opportunities, and God will give power

Since we do not cease to serve the needy, people continue to be saved, healed and set free. This is all you need and it\’s so easy. We do not need to sit and study the healing and liberation, we have to go and practice healing and deliverance. When the church of God is busy chores, then it will not remain without work and therefore unfruitful. Miracles do not accompany those who sit and those who follow. Understanding this, we do not want to stop, and expanding our service to all. For example, in 2013, every Sunday service we do open to the public, plus conference and school throughout the year. We simply create the conditions for the Lord can use us. Millions of people are killed, and we have no time to play. Any church that would be willing to give their time, money and effort to fulfill the Great Commission, will not remain unfruitful. God is ready to show us people who are in need and to lead us to the people whom He wants to help.

What we have learned during the time of revival

  1. God is very big - the devil is very small.
  2. God wants to save, heal and release always. If you\’re ready - He\’s ready.
  3. The Holy Spirit - our chief friend, protector, helper, teacher and partner.
  4. Not all need our service, but there are more people who need it.
  5. There are many unsaved, the sick and unfree people so every church have enough work until the coming of Jesus Christ.
  6. The Word of God and faith - it\’s one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of the church to destroy the devil\’s affairs.
  7. We will not be upset if someone does not believe, is not healed or released after our ministry - Jesus still saves, heals and frees people.
  8. We do not want to argue about certain methods of healing, if the world would argue - we will hold fast to what is working. People need to be saved, healed, freed, and God the Father and Jesus Christ to be glorified.
  9. We\’re not going to complicate the process of healing and deliverance for the people, we are going to make it even easier and more accessible for everyone who is in need. Jesus\’ sacrifice is sufficient and we have nothing to add.
  10. We will not only focus on healing, it is not the only and not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal - the salvation of man.

What are we going to do next

  1. In 2013 we plan to have many new ministries and conferences, and now every Sunday service is open to visitors. We do not want to waste a day at a time when many are lost, weak, sick and dying around.
  2. We will open more opportunities and facilities for visitors to the center. We are preparing a route map to our center from different places. We will increase the number of places for overnight visitors by attracting new apartment. We want to provide hot set menu.
  3. In 2013 (May 20-24) we plan to organize special retreat ‘Pastors are in revival PiR-2013.’ PiR (Pastors are in Revival) - a few days to rest, heal, restore and uplift pastors who love revival or are involved in the revival. This is a private retreat for pastors, where there will be fellowship, prayer, teaching, prophecy, anointing release, physical healing, sauna, eating together personal interviews etc.
  4. We have established the Center for High-Speed ​​Wi-Fi Internet (100 Mbit / s). Now, visitors can use the Internet free, and relay our services for their relatives and friends who could not come. For that there are many convenient technologies such as «Skype», «FaceTime», «ICQ» and others. Visitors will also be able to record the service right from their phones or laptops in their YouTube account. Also in the services we use phones to direct prayers for the people who are far apart.
  5. We are almost ready for the live broadcast of our ministry to the Internet. This will give the opportunity to people from distant countries to participate in the service and receive the blessing at home. Now we go past the preparatory work, and soon we will reach the online broadcast.
  6. We bought a new cutting-edge server for our website Site is hosted on a high-speed modern Smart SSD connected to the server and CDN (Content Delivery Network) - a group of 40 servers located in different countries and united into a single network. Thanks CDN technology is fast loading site anywhere.
  7. On the site in 2013, we are opening a new service ‘Urgent Prayer’, where our trained people will be praying for the phone and internet for all who need immediate prayer support.
  8. We are ready to send our senior ministers on a mission, so they will travel to different cities and countries and bring their the blessings that God pours out the spiritual center Father\’s blessing. In 2013, we will send our senior ministers to carry out the ministry of healing, miracles, supernatural in different schools where there is a need. That is, you can plan healing service in the community and t invite him to our ministers. During the two years of practical ministry, they effectively use the Word of God and faith, they are anointed and instructed and through their hands already saved, healed and freed a number of people.
  9. We have laid the foundation for the construction of a new building for children of the spiritual center. When it will build, the building of the spiritual center free up space, and we can add seats in the hall and improve the dining room, moving it to a separate room. We will be very grateful to you if you support us in our prayers and if there is in your heart, financial that we quickly build this new building. It can be build in one month, just do not have the funds to do this, it needs about 15 thousand dollars.
  10. We are also in search of land and construction of a new building for the Spiritual Center, with a capacity of 600 to 1,000 seats. Please also join us in prayer, and in other you can. There we will be able to make our dorm amenities, cafes and … all in one place … and all will be happy. For large projects, we need about 200 thousand dollars. We plan to build a sports hall with infrastructure. During the week it will be able to function as a sports hall, and for the service it will be re-equipped.

That\’s all. Thanks to everyone who was and is with us, who came to us, who helped us physically or with finances. Time has passed for good reason. A huge number of people have experienced salvation, healing, deliverance and blessing. Suppose the glory for all this will be for our Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Dima Leo


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