Biography Dmitry Leo - Биография человека Божьего

12:00 -- 25.08.2016

Dmitry Leo is a man of God, senior pastor of Center «Father's Blessing» in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, and the city of Kiev, the international minister whose ministry is accompanied by various miracles, powerful healings, the creation of new organs and casting out demons. Опубликовано на веб-портале

Biography Dmitry Leo - Биография человека Божьего


In 2011 revival came to the «Father's Blessing» Center and affected thousands of people around the world. Incredible miracles of healing and casting out demons began to happen in the church meetings. People from around the world attended the  miracles conference that take place every week in the Spiritual Center to experience your healing from disease, freedom from demons and spiritual breakthrough. In a short time, the Lord has made thousands of healings, miracles and liberations in this place of revival.

Dmitry Leo got saved in 1993, constantly and faithfully he serves the Lord all these years. He had some amazing spiritual experiences with God and, therefore, his favorite teachings subjects are faith and miracles. Dmitry was taken to the glory of God, moved over the air, experienced renovation through the revival at the Toronto Airport, twice got power from the prophet TB Joshua and had many other spiritual experiences.

By the grace of God Dmitry Leo serves all over the world now and equips the church with everything needed for a successful execution of «Great Commission» of Jesus Christ.

Dmitry has a strong conviction that Jesus saves, heals, frees and blesses - now. This is what he preaches, what he believes in, and this is what happens in meetings where he serves.

Dmitri Leo is professionally engaged in a healthy lifestyle more than 15 years and develops different techniques allowing people to be healthy and not get sick. Dmitry wrote the book «How to live 120 years being healthy and beautiful», which is in high demand in Ukraine and even abroad. In the Internet you will find thousands of his articles, recipes and tips on health and longevity.

Dmitry is married and has two daughters. Together they serve the Lord.


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Как прожить 120 лет здоровым и красивым

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