Ангел в окне

12:00 -- 01.01.2018
Ангел в окне Ангел в окне - маштабирование

Ангел в окне. Angel in the window.

Sharon Fowler из Далтона прислал нам это фото ангела.

"My dad became very ill in December of last year. He died March 16th (four months later of an allergic reaction to a blood thinner called Heparin), but for his Christmas present (Dec. 28th) I poured him a front sidewalk. I was walking along the sidewalk checking it out, and my son had went to the end of the yard and snapped a picture. I could not believe what I saw when I put it in my computer. My dad was sitting in the house just off to the left. It is plain to see a man holding a book. I think maybe the Book Of my Dad's Life! There is also a dark area to the right of the angel in my dad's window, and what looks like an arm reaching out trying to get the book from the man (angel). At times when working with it, I can see different faces around the angel - one is very clear at the right shoulder...an old white haired man's face! I have been in church all my life, and this is no doubt that there is something out there besides us! My family believes I put this angel in my dad's window and won't give it a second thought! It is very frustrating to have something so awesome and no one believes me!"


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