Я люблю твое присутствие - Downpour

Downpour 00:15 -- 08.10.2013

Поклонение, ведущее в присутствие Господа.

Downpour (I Love Your Presence) — Lyrics

I hear You say
‘I\’m right here
So lay down your stress and fear
Put all your trust in Me
Let go of doubt and lean’

I love, I love Your presence

‘Behold, I make all things new
I see all your faults but
I still choose you
And I won\’t let you fall thru
I carried the cross, now
I\’ll carry you!’

I\’ll stand right here and
Face these fears
Thru pain and tears, Lord
I won\’t back down!

I\’ll stand restored
In Your downpour
Now, I surrender,
Lord I won\’t back down!