Revival in the «Father’s Blessing Center»


In 2011 revival began in our Center. And we have seen many miracles, miracles of healing and casting out demons. People from different cities and countries have begun coming to get their miracles and fresh anointing. Our services have been completely changed. Within the year we hold about 60 conferences and classes. Each service is about 5 hours long and even more.

Over 4 years of revival I have seen much more miracles than for 20 years of my ministry. For the first year of revival we counted about 1000 miracles. For two years of revival we counted 3000 and then we stopped counting.

A lot of healings of cancer and different fatal diseases have happened. We have seen people being healed of hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, epilepsy, paralysis. We have seen miracles of money appearing supernaturally in purses and credit cards. Over this year, creation miracles have begun increasing. We have seen new skin creation, new bones, joints, eyes, nose, veins and other body parts. Hallelujah!

We are very happy that this power is transferring to others. From our center, it has already spread to different cities and countries, and amazing miracles and healings have begun happening there.

God released this wave to equip the church for a great harvest. This wave of God's power brings great wonders and miracles. Healing and deliverance become easy thing and available for everyone. This wave brings acceleration and breakthrough and everything becomes easier.

Senior Pastor Dima Leo

Interesting healings and miracles

These are just some of the thousands of testimonies. Let our faith grows and people get sick faster miracles.

Wonders of Creation

Creative miracle of a missing joint

A boy was diagnosed with the dissolution of the hip joint. There was a bone, but there was no joint. He could not walk and was doomed to ride in a wheelchair. People in the «Father’s Blessing Center» prayed for the boy and for his clothes which he began to wear afterwards.4 years went by since that moment. The boy is completely healed. The doctors said that there was no case in the world, that such disease would be cured. God restored his joint; he has no damages in his legs and spine. Now he is engaged in ballroom dancing. Glory to the Lord!

The miracle of iris creation

A blind born child without iris was brought to the service of the «Father’s Blessing Center». The child was taken to the doctors and they said that it is one of the rarest diseases on earth and it is incurable – the child will be blind for life. On the second day after the prayer, we were informed by the child’s parents that a new iris began to grow in the eyes of the child. Praise the Lord!

The creative miracle of a new lens

A man went completely blind in his right eye. The doctors said that he needed a surgery in order to insert the artificial lens into his eye and then he would be able to see out of this eye. The man did not have the money for the surgery and he refused it. He came to the healing service and the man of God had the knowledge during the prayer that the Lord is now creating the new parts in the body. At that very moment, the man received a miracle – new lens. He came forward, closed the left eye with his hand and repeated with amazement that he now can see with the eye that was blind. Praise the Lord!

The miracle of new eardrum creation

In childhood, a girl accidentally punctured her eardrum and after she could not hear with that ear. She was at the Miracle service and the man of God there spoke the word of knowledge that God is creating a miracle in ears. She felt a click in her deaf ear and she began to hear with that ear after that. Praise the Lord!

The creative miracle of new veins and skin cover

A woman’s skin was covered with blue and red spots from varicose veins; capillary nets and varicose nodes could be clearly seen on her leg skin. She also had a deep vein thrombosis that caused her feet to be swollen, heavy and itching. At the healing school after the prayer for the creation of new body parts, she received the miracle. She came out and showed her legs with no more spots. Capillary nets disappeared, veins hid and nods were removed. Heaviness in her legs was gone and the swelling went away. Praise the Lord!

The miracle of new veins creation instead of bad ones

After the prayer for creation of new body parts, one guy came out to testify and showed his legs. He repeated many times, that all the swollen veins simply disappeared and now his legs are in order. The guy said that the pain and heaviness in legs that he had all the time have disappeared as well. Praise the Lord!

Purple formation on the ear is completely gone

A woman had a tumor on her ear. It was ugly, purple and created a discomfort. The woman had to cover the tumor with her hair. In «The Father’s Blessing Center», there was a prayer against all tumors and formations, and the woman received that prayer. Two days later, the woman noticed that her ear is clean and there are no signs of tumor.

The miracle of nose shape change

When a woman was a 5-year-old girl, a neighbor accidentally cut her nose with a shovel. The woman had developed a complex during all these years because there was a rough dent on her nasal bridge. During the service in the «Father’s Blessing Center», she was prayed for and felt a crackling in her nose. After that, the woman herself and other people noticed that the dent on her nose was straightened and her nose became completely changed. It became smoother and nicer. Praise the Lord!

The miracle of new bone creation after the fracture

A boy broke his arm and the doctors at the hospital stated the fracture. The arm was swollen and blue. The boy was prayed for at the hospital. When the X-Ray was done again, the doctors were very surprised because they did not find any fractured bone. Praise the Lord!

Amazing creation of new kidneys

Child’s right kidney was on hemodialysis, that is, in order for it to function, it had to be constantly rinsed. After some time, the left kidney completely failed. It was impossible to do the surgery on kidneys because the child had a heart defect. The doctors said that they could hold a baby on morphine for a week and then he will die because there is nothing there to help him anymore. During the service in «The Father’s Blessing Center», the whole church began to pray for the baby. He was gladly receiving the prayer – the phone was near the boy on the speakerphone. After that, he fell asleep for the whole night, although due to the severe attacks he could not sleep for more than 15 minutes before. On the next day during the morning examination, the doctor discovered that after the night the child’s diaper was full of blood and pus, which was coming from his body all night long. After that, the child had to do two MRI’s and four Ultrasounds. The doctors cant understand how that could happen – both kidneys and the heart are completely healed. During the 24 hours, the skin was restored – it acquired a pink color. Praise the Lord!

Creative miracle of new tissues

A woman wanted to have a baby but she could not since her last delivery was a difficult one. She had a C-section that was done poorly, which caused a festered scar for almost a year and there were other various complications. The woman was at the healing service where the man of God spoke the word of knowledge that God is now creating new tissues and removing the scars. She checked herself at home, the postoperative scar disappeared, and now she does not have to be afraid of childbirth.

The creative miracle of a missing joint

A woman had a car accident, underwent a serious surgery – one of her joints was removed. After that, her leg became shorter by 4 cm and she was experiencing severe pain because of the friction of the bones. A minister of the «Father’s Blessing Center» prayer for her. The next day the woman called and told us that she threw away her stick, she walks on her own and does not have any pain and her short leg grew 4 cm. She used to be a handicapped person and now she is healed. Praise the Lord!


Healing from tumors and cancer

Healing from brain tumors, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis C

A man had two brain tumors, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis C. He went to different clinics for treatment and tried various remedies but nothing helped. He came to the healing ministry and received a miracle. When he was checked in the hospital, the doctor got very amazed and said, «Your liver is as good as of a new born baby». When he checked his head, the x-ray did not show any tumors in his brain. Glory to the Lord!

A girl does not have breast cancer anymore

A girl had breast cancer. She had several surgeries, went through chemotherapy and experienced severe pains. She was given «the anointed clothe» from the «Father’s Blessing» Center and placed it on her breast. Immediately all pain left her. In one week, she went in for her testing and the cancer was gone! Glory to the Lord!

The tumor fell out of the body after prayer

During the prayer line, the man of God had the word of knowledge that someone’s breathing system was being healed, a tumor was going down and that person was experiencing some movement in the throat. After that, the man of God suggested this person to go to the restroom and check. The girl went to the restroom and some white lump came out of her throat. The girl was healed and began to breathe freely. Glory to the Lord!

A man had a brain tumor

A man had a brain tumor, optic atrophy – he became completely blind. The doctors refused to treat him since the tumor had affected the biggest part of the brain and it was inoperable. The man was brought to the healing ministry and the man of God prayed for him. After the ministry, the blind man was healed and began to see. Glory to the Lord!

Big tumor on the spine has disappeared

A woman had many surgeries on her spinal cord, as a result, a big hard tumor was formed – 10 by 15 cm in size. Her spinal cord got stiffened in that place and was not moving. She came to the healing ministry. During the prayer, the tumor has completely disappeared and this woman began to bow freely without any pain in her spinal cord. Glory to the Lord!

Sarcoma has disappeared after prayer

A man had a severe form of sarcoma – he needed a surgery. This man visited «The Father’s Blessing Center» and he was prayed for there. When he came to the hospital, the doctors ran MRI and there was no sign of sarcoma in his body. The doctors thought that the MRI machine was broken and sent the man to another medical Center. He was checked there again and MRI showed that there was no sarcoma. The doctors did not believe both machines and decided to take man’s lymph node for the tests. When they took it and did all the tests – there was no sarcoma. Glory to the Lord!

A woman had a fibroid tumor for more than 40 years

A woman had a fibroid tumor for more than 40 years. She was prayed for in «The Father’s Blessing» Center. When she went for another gynecological check, the doctor said that she does not have that fibroid tumor anymore.

She had fibroma, a cyst, mastopathy, kidney hydronephrosis and 17 more diseases

Doctors told this woman in 2006 that she has only 6 more months to live. She had fibroma, cyst, mastopathy, kidney hydronephrosis and 17 more diseases.  She was coming to «Father’s Blessing Center», receiving prayers and she got completely healed. The woman did various tests that confirmed that kidneys were healed, there was no fibroma, and there was no node on the uterus and no more other diseases. Glory to the Lord!

A man had colon cancer

A man had colon cancer. Part of his intestinal track was removed. He was sown back and sent home to die. The relatives were warned to be prepared for the funeral. During the home group, people began to pray for the man. After some time he began to eat a little, then he began to walk a little and, finally, he was completely healed and began to attend the church.

The Lord instantly removed the tumor on the neck

After the service, a woman came up and showed her neck. She was wearing a light scarf on it. She was shining with happiness because before the service there was a tumor on her neck. The tumor was causing lots of pain and the woman was getting ready for a surgery. The prayer was offered for the scarf and when the woman wore it on her neck, the tumor and the pain instantly disappeared. Glory to the Lord!

Miraculous deliverance from the large kidney stones

A woman had discovered that she has a kidney stone in her left kidney – 1.2 cm in size and a few small stones. There were also small stones in the right kidney. After the service called «Tumors, get off!» a urinary sand began to come out, and there was some blood in the urine. After that, she did the ultrasound and it was confirmed that there were no more kidney stones. Glory to the Lord!

A pituitary tumor and a cyst in the right temple have disappeared

A girl did an MRI of her head and it clearly showed a huge pituitary tumor. Also in her right temple there was a cyst 3 cm by 4 cm in size. The girl began to visit «The Father’s Blessing» Center and receive prayers. When she had a new MRI done of her head, it was seen that the cyst was gone and there was the empty spot on its place. In addition, the huge pituitary tumor had disappeared. Glory to the Lord!

Reproductive organs had to be removed because of cancer

A girl was diagnosed with cancer and was told that all of her reproductive organs have to be removed. Ministers of «The Father’s Blessing Center» prayed for her and destroyed that diagnoses. After she testified that she received complete healing, all of her organs are whole, and she gave birth to two kids. Glory to the Lord!

A cyst fell out after the using of the anointed water

A woman had a cyst in her nasal cavity. She was offered a surgery but she refused. The woman came to «The Father’s Blessing Center», received «the anointed water» there and began to inject it into her nose. Immediately after the first injection of the water, a cyst fell out of her nasal cavity right into her throat. The woman immediately felt easiness in breathing.

There is no more cancer – the breast does not have to be removed

In «The Father’s Blessing Center», people were praying for a woman with breast cancer. She had to have her breast removed and chemotherapy. After the service, the woman went in for the Mastectomy. When the doctors reexamined her they informed her that there was no more cancer and that she is healthy. Glory to the Lord!

A girl was healed from the oncological disease

Ministers of our Center prayed for a girl who had cancer. After prayer, the doctors checked her and did not find any cancer. However, they did not believe it and insisted on a more thorough test. The test showed that there was no cancer and no inflammation of her female organs that was there prior to that. Glory to the Lord! 

There is not even a sign of cancer in a woman’s body

A woman was diagnosed in the final stages of cancer and the doctors said that she would soon die. Ministers of the Center prayed for her over the phone. When the woman went to the hospital and had the tests done, the doctors were puzzled because there was not even a sign of cancer in her body. Glory to the Lord!

The Lord has removed the tumor of the uterus

A woman was diagnosed with the tumor of the uterus. She purposefully came to «The Father’s Blessing Center» to receive the healing. People from the Center served the woman and sprinkled her with the «anointing water». After the re-examination, no tumor was found – her uterus was clean and healthy. Glory to the Lord!

A tumor had burst and leaked out after prayer

A tumor was formed in a woman’s body and it penetrated into her throat, ear and nose. The woman began to lose hearing in one of her ears and could not eat normally. Ministers of the Center prayed for her. She got delivered from the demon of sickness and felt as if someone had taken his hand off of her neck. In the morning the tumor had burst and leaked out. The woman was healed and felt a relief. She began to hear and smell again. Glory to the Lord!

She did not accept the oncology and decided to believe

A woman was diagnosed with cancer. She was assigned to have a biopsy and ultra sound in two weeks. She did not accept the diagnosis and decided to believe. The woman printed out the healing testimonies from «The Father’s Blessing» website and placed them all over her flat. She was reading them every day and proclaiming that she does not have cancer. When she was re-examined, the doctor was surprised that there was no cancer. Praise the Lord!


Miracles of healing serious illnesses

God healed a person from HIV, Hepatitis B and C

A man had HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and bilateral pneumonia. For two months, he was bed sick and all of these diseases began to aggravate. After prayer in «The Father’s Blessing Center», he received complete healing from all of these diseases. Praise the Lord!

Healing from severe form of diabetes

A woman had a severe form of diabetes. She was at home watching the service from «The Father’s Blessing Center». During the prayer, the man of God said, «Touch the screen». She touched the screen and fell under the power of God. From that moment, the woman stopped taking medicine. There are no signs of diabetes. Praise the Lord!

A girl was healed from Hepatitis C and AIDS

A girl called the prayer line of «The Father’s Blessing Center» with a diagnosis of Hepatitis C and AIDS. The ministers of the Center prayed for her. Later the girl called back and said that she was taken off the medical record – there is no more hepatitis C and AIDS. Glory to the Lord!

Her brain cells were dying off but she received the miracle

Woman’s brain cells responsible for eyesight began to die off. The doctors said that she would go blind. The woman was brought to «The Father’s Blessing Center» and put in the back row. During the prayer, she was delivered and felt that she was healed. After examination, the doctors said that she is healthy but they don’t understand how she got well. Praise the Lord!

Her gums were deteriorating and teeth were falling out

A woman was diagnosed with a disease that destroys the gums called epulis. This disease is dangerous because it causes the loss of teeth and formation of tumors on gums, which can be removed only through a surgery. The disease is incurable. The woman already had a surgery done 15 years ago. After 15 years, the root of the mouth began to swell and teeth began to fall out. The woman took the «anointed papers» in the Center, put it in her mouth and went to bed with them. She did so for a few nights in a row and was completely healed. Praise the Lord!

A girl was dying from the blood poisoning

A girl was dying from the blood poisoning. The doctors said that she would not live for more than two days. She had already developed the pulmonary edema, pleurisy, pneumonia and there were blood clots in her legs. People in our Center began to pray for the girl. Soon after the prayer, she was discharged from the hospital being completely healthy. Praise the Lord!

Miraculous healing after the destruction of the brain

Due to the infection, the destruction of the brain began to take place in a girl’s body. All functions failed – she became blind, deaf, stopped talking and moving. She was prayed for in «The Father’s Blessing Center». Two weeks later, she began to recover. She began to speak, see, hear and walk again. Praise the Lord!

The skin was bursting to the point of blood and even the flesh was visible

A woman had a severe skin disease on her hands and feet. The skin was bursting to the point of blood and even the flesh was visible. This torture lasted for years. The woman accidently found website and watched the video from the service called «Tumors, get off!» After the first viewing, the itching went away, and the wounds closed some. When she watched the video twice, her hands and feet got completely cleaned – total healing has come. Praise the Lord!

He had to go to the restroom every thirty minutes

A man had a surgery done because of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) which resulted in urinary incontinence. He had to go to the restroom every thirty minutes and urinate. This lasted two years. The man came to the healing ministry and heard the word of knowledge concerning the healing of the prostate. During the testimonies, he came out and said that he was staying at the service for 2 hours and did not have to run to the restroom every thirty minutes. He was healed. Praise the Lord!

She is healed from pyelonephritis and renal tuberculosis

A woman had bilateral pyelonephritis, renal tuberculosis and kidney stones. She was prayed for in the «Father’s Blessing Center» and immediately felt a relief; and the pain was gone. When she did the ultrasound, she was told that her kidneys are now as new ones and there are no problems there.

How to stop a severe bleeding

A girl had a severe bleeding and in addition to that, her stomach became much bigger. She took the anointed paper and placed it in her underwear. The girl planned to go to the hospital but because of the weakness, she laid down on a bed and fell asleep. When she woke up, she was very surprised because the bleeding stopped and her stomach became normal in size. Glory to the Lord!

She could not get pregnant for 4 years

A woman had an injury during the last stages of pregnancy and then she had a miscarriage. She was not able to get pregnant for 4 years. The doctors said that she would not be able to have children. The woman was invited to the Center and she attended the healing service. After that, she was healed and already gave birth to two children. Praise the Lord!

Amazing healings during praise and worship time

A woman had a hemorrhage of her lungs artery; she was in the hospital for 3 months. She had a hole in her body that was not healing and one of her lungs was fold up. This woman was invited to the conference of «The Father’s Blessing Center». At the conference, during praise and worship time, she began to jump and praise the Lord. During that time, she was healed of many diseases. The hole in her body got healed. The ultrasound showed that all the clots of her deep veins have disappeared. After the X-ray, the doctor was surprised because the lung was normal. Praise the Lord!

Glaucoma has disappeared and the eye began to see

After the prayer for healing, an elderly man came to the front and testified that something like a scale fell off his eye after the prayer, and the cloudy eye caused by glaucoma was cleaned and began to see. Praise the Lord!

Healing of the serious skin problem

A young woman had a serious skin problem. The doctors told her that she needs treatment that would cost her 300 dollars per day but no guarantees whether it will help or not can be given. She refused to get the help from the doctors and decided to visit «The Father’s Blessing Center». She was prayed for and in 10 days her skin was completely clean and this disease did not come back to her. Praise the Lord!


Healing of paralysis and problems with walking

She could not walk but during the service she got up and walked

A woman was 90 years old. After a stroke, she stayed at the hospital for one and a half month. After that, she was not able to walk and was staying indoors all the time. She was brought to «The Father’s Blessing Center» and seated near the aisle. During the service, the woman heard the voice, «Get up and walk». She got up and started to walk along the aisle. Every one was amazed. Praise the Lord!

Before the healing, she laid immovably and suffered

A woman stayed in the hospital for more than a month. She had such pain in her body that she would scream while turning. In a hospital, she was receiving gallons of medicine but nothing would help. She was released from the hospital laying on a carriage. She even got worse than she was before the hospital. The woman was brought to the healing service and was put at the back of the auditorium. During the prayer for all people, she was healed. During the time of testimonies, she came to the front and demonstrated how she is able to do everything without any pain – complete healing. Praise the Lord!

The Lord healed a paralyzed woman

A woman of 80 years of age could not talk and get up after she was paralyzed. The ministers of «The Father’s Blessing Center» prayed for her and sprinkled her with the «anointed water». After that, the woman walks by herself and speaks with articulation! Praise the Lord!

25 years of rheumatoid arthritis and 10 years of coxarthrosis of the hip

A woman had a rheumatoid arthritis for twenty-five years and coxarthrosis of the hip joint for ten years. Her fingers were twisted from the arthritis. After the prayer for healing, her fingers began to straighten up right before her eyes. The man of God said, «Now let us get up and walk» and he ordered to get up in the name of Jesus. She slowly stood up and began to walk better and better each time. The next day, she came to the seminar without crutches. Glory to the Lord!

She was laying at home with severe pains for 6 months

A woman had serious problems with the backbone. She was laying in her bed for 6 months without getting up. She had to crawl on her knees around her house. She could not unbend and was experiencing severe pains. During the healing service, the Lord touched her and she was completely healed. During the first night, she slept like a baby not experiencing any pain. Before that, she could not sleep normally for 2 years. Praise the Lord!

Healing from a serious leg injury

A man had a serious leg injury. The doctors even wanted to amputate his leg. His femur bone went in between the tibia and fibula, and his patella was fractured and went sideways. The man stayed for a long time at the hospital for hyperextension, and his leg was almost not bending at all. At the service, he was prayed for and got healed. Now he jogs in the mornings, rides the bike and easily climbs the trees. Praise the Lord!

Hip joint arthrosis has disappeared after prayer

A woman was suffering from hip joint arthrosis. She was offered a very expensive surgery but without any guarantees. The woman made a decision to stand in faith and came to the «Father’s Blessing Center». After the prayer for healing, she was told that she is healed. She did not feel anything but accepted it by faith. When the woman began to turn her leg, she realized that she had absolutely no pain. She received complete healing and the time proved it. Praise the Lord! 


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