Charity. Father’s Blessing Center. Helping others

10:48 -- 17.01.2015

We agreed to help anyone whom we see in need and everyone who will turn to us for help. First, we help brothers and sisters from our church and then we help all other people. At this point, we do not have the opportunity to help everyone in a full measure, but we help based on the resources that we have and our goal is to help more. We concluded that is it better to help a little than not to help at all.
What is already being done:

  1. Once a week, we give out food bags to those brothers and sisters whose monthly income is lower than the minimum wage (officially defined in our country). We help not only people from our church but also those who attend other churches. People who distribute these products do not say that the help is from our spiritual center but they say that the Lord blesses them.
  2. Helping soldiers in the area of ATO (Anti-Terroristic Operation). Once a week, we send hot meals, different types of foods and other required things to the War Zone supporting Ukrainian soldiers that are dislocated at the hot spots and don’t have enough provision.
  3. During a break between the services, we offer hot meals to the mothers that come with their 3 year old children and younger. This is a small blessing for the mothers and they can feed their children with it.
  4. Once a month, we help sick people that have to take medication on a regular basis. If we have the opportunity, we pay partially for their medication or we find it, buy at a reasonable price and give it to people.
  5. A brother or a sister that happen to be at the hospital receive different spiritual, moral and material help and if they have financial difficulties, we find opportunities how to help them.
  6. We try to help in different ways to those members of our community that undergo temporal financial difficulties. For example, if some one can’t come to the church meeting because this person does not have any money - we help to pay for the transportation
  7. We help people in need by giving clothes and other required things to them. That is possible because other brothers and sisters from our community bring something to support people in their big need.
  8. Helping disabled children. Periodically we arrange holidays for disabled children. We prepare interesting games, competitions, prizes, we pray for healing of children and parents; we prepare common meal and gifts for children
  9. We want our people not to be sick but to be healthy and that is why we periodically deliver organic, ecologically pure food products to them so they could buy it at a lower price than at stores. This is not only a contribution to their health but also the opportunity for them to save money.
  10. Periodically, when available, we bless people from our church with different things and products free of charge. That becomes possible because of other brothers and sisters that are open to serve others.
  11. We offer tea, cookies and honey to all visitors of our meetings. That became possible because of the generosity of some of our brothers and sisters that do that free of charge. For the information: honey and tea herbs are brought from the Carpathian Mountains, from ecologically clean places.
  12. And other things…

I understand that others do much more than we do. We will not compete with each other. We simply do our part – we do what we can. Ultimately, together we are the light and the salt for the world and our Heavenly Father is glorified by that. Halleluiah!

What is next…

We are determined to help people further rand we want to do it even more. Our desire is to come to such level when we will be able to bless on a large scale. Why not? If not us then who? If not now, then when?

Right now, we are looking for like-minded people with whom we could combine our efforts and do much more. We do everything openly – everything is transparent… we have nothing to hide… we simply want to do what we ought to do. Jesus spoke very clearly on how we should act towards Him, seeing Him hungry, thirsty, naked, sick or prisoned. It is our choice how to respond. Moreover, our response won’t only influence the future of those whom we will help but also our future…


If you ‘hear’ me and ‘understand’ with your heart what we do and we long to do – if that is also on your heart – join us! We don’t mean that you have to join our church – but you can join us to minister together with us in order to fulfill His vision. Together we can do much more because we will combine our strengths, abilities, resources and it will empower all of us. 

Our vision is very simple – to carry the Good News to all people and make them the disciples of the Lord. Preaching of the Gospel, healing, casting out demons and practical help are all of those things that we use in order to achieve the main goal.

Let’s change this world together. Why not? Jesus sent us into this world in order for the changes to come. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

If you want to join us or help us, please, contact us.