If you would like to help the Father’s Blessing Center

2016-08-25 12:00

Partners, helpers, friends...

We know that there are people who have a desire to serve in some way and make their own contribution for the salvation of the lost, help to the needy and equipment of the Christians. That will serve for the fulfillment of the command of Jesus Christ. That is why we say this:Welcome, partners, helpers, and friends! Let'sdothistogether.

Below we list the needs of our ‘Blessing of the Father’ Center. Possibly, you have something or your friends have something and you don’t use it… and we will be glad to receive any help. For example, we can use both new and used equipment. However, the Lord may move you to do something bigger than this.


Ministry of Evangelism

People from the ‘Father’s Blessing’ Center (especially young people) visit different places, orphanages, elderly homes, schools and other place and do ministry there with the purpose of salvation of the lost.

How you can help:

  • A touch pad
  • A laser printer (black printing)
  • A notebook with a good battery
  • Support team for different kind of practical help.
  • Partners who would financially support such events
  • People on fire who are not indifferent towards the lost and who want to join our team

Children’s ministry

We count those people who serve children as heroes. They carry a very difficult and responsible ministry… you can understand it very well. We would like to help them very much.

How you can help:

  • A notebook with a big screen and good sound (maybe with the speakers)
  • People who love children and who are ready to minister to them once a month. We will teach you and help you.
  • People who can serve children with meals or snacks (to prepare snacks or sandwiches)
  • People who have a desire to support financially the children’s ministry.

‘Father’s Blessing’ website team

Not too many people know that people who bring blessings to the millions of users, labor over the website as volunteers. Our site does not sell services or goods. However, it distributes everything free of charge. We pay big money for the website on a monthly basis and our team works seven days per week in order to fill the website with a content and improve it. Our desire is to develop the site further and the main thing – to support those who work so much over it.

How you can help:

  • A notebook with a big screen (size – 16 inches; processor not less than i3; RAM not less than 2 GB, hard drive –starting with 350 GB)
  • Volunteers who desire to help with the site (editing, text capture, interpreters and web designers).
  • People who desire to support the ‘Father’s Blessing’ website financially


Our administrators and secretaries carry a big load on themselves. They are the ears and the mouth of our ministry. People from the whole world turn to them 360 days per year 24/7. They have to spend a lot of time on the phone – phones become unfit for use because of such intense regime. We are not able to purchase cheap phones on a regular basis because our people receive big dose of radiation during the day and so on… They need a quality equipment very much.

How you can help:

  • 2 IPhones.
  • IPad (maximum size screen).
  • MacBook (maximum size screen).
  • Partners who would support our administration financially.

Worship ministry

This is the most ‘expensive’ and costly ministry for every church, however we all realize how our worship ministers help us to maintain the right atmosphere at the church. We would like to supply this ministry as soon as possible with all necessary equipment and instruments.

How you can help:

  • Vocal microphones.
  • We need real worshippers (singers, musicians) who know the difference between a concern and worship to God
  • We need a sound engineer (we have modern digital sound mixing desk), technicians, lighting technicians.
  • Photographers, scenarists, videographers and specialists experiences in shooting music videos and movies.
  • Partners who want to support the development of our worship ministry financially.

If you want to help

Just call us in any convenient way:

+38 (097) 062 07 07
+38 (093) 062 07 07

Call:  SkypeViberWhatsApp


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May God bless you!
With love,
Pastors Dmitriy and Inna Leo.